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“Storytelling is the art of putting on paper (or a screen) all the memories you have the way you remember them.”

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One year in New Zealand and tons of memories to share: Hikes, Camping spots, Life in Wellington, Photos & much more.

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G’Day mate!

That’s what they say in Australia to say hi. I find it very cute, after all, shouldn’t we all wish a good day to the people we meet? Anyhow, I’m Dorine, I am in my late twenties (already) and I was born in France. I love travelling as much as I love taking memories of the places I visited (via pictures or videos).

I decided to open this blog/site in order to share my experiences abroad and all the tips I have from the different places as well as my pictures. They have to live somewhere right? By the way, I hope you will like them! Leave me some comments to tell me what you think of them.

You can find some random topics of articles around here like some good coffee shop addresses (where you can actually connect to the wifi when you are away from home), some photo print testing I have been trying in order to get my pictures out of my computer or hiking advices from the worst fit girl ever.

If you have some questions about a destination or anything, please send me an email and I will try to answer as soon as I can. I can even make an article about it if I have been there but not written about it yet!

Soo have a nice time around here, don’t hesitate to contact me for anything.

Sweet As. Welcome home! – Do