Where was I last year? 2015 in pictures.

2014 was the year that changed it all for me. I did more in a year than in my twenty-three others. I thought I couldn’t do better, though, 2015 surprised me. Last year, I did scariest things than I ever did. I can feel myself change. I decided that fear won’t be an excuse for anything anymore. I also decided that my physical condition (the difficulties I have for running or lifting) won’t be an excuse either. I discovered that I can be fine on my own and meet new (and incredible) people even if it is hard at first to meet people in a new city.

I know a lot of people around me — family or friends — often ask me where I am or what I did last year. This is the first reason why I did this post. To tell them what I’ve been doing in 2015. From Montréal to Toronto, from Caen to Bergen, here’s to 2015. An overview of where I’ve been in 2015 with few pictures per months.

JANUARY, 1st 2015 — Megève

JANUARY, 13th 2015 — Back to Montréal for the second part of my working holiday visa

JANUARY, 17th 2015 — Mont Tremblant with InterStude

JANUARY, 25th 2015 — Snow Tubing with InterStude

JANUARY, 25th 2015 — Igloofest

JANUARY, 28th 2015 — Time to pack for Toronto under the cutest dog’s eyes.

JANUARY, 30th 2015 — Ice Fishing with the best startup team Student Sphere

FEBRUARY, 1st 2015 — Birthday watching the Superbowl

FEBRUARY, 4th 2015 — Leaving Montréal for Toronto with Aurélie and Victoria

FEBRUARY, 14th 2015 — Valentine’s day under -40° in Ottawa with my Spanish friends Maria, Arantxa and Guillermo

MARCH, 1ST 2015 —Stuck in the car surrounded by snow @ 1AM, looking for northern lights

MARCH, 6th 2015 — Frozen Niagara Falls

MARCH, 19th 2015 — Visiting Toronto (again) with Charlotte. The Distillery District

APRIL2015 — Welcome home

APRIL, 17th 2015 — ‘The End of the World’, St Martin de Bréhal, France. A road under water.

APRIL, 26th 2015 — A friend’s wedding on the Travel theme.

MAY 3rd, 2015 — Versailles, France

MAY 11th, 2015 — Working next to the beach in northern France for the long week ends of May

JUNE, 19th 2015 —Via Ferrata in Clecy, France

JUNE, 21st 2015 —VTT Trial conquest in Hillion, France

JULY 11th, 2015 — French music festival on the beach: Chauffer dans la noirceur

AUGUST,1st 2015 — Gordes (Lubéron) France for the 60th wedding anniversary of my grand parents.

AUGUST 2015 — Norway Road trip (Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France)

Amsterdam in a day

Preikestolen hike

Kjeragbolten hike

Trolltunga hike & tips

Driving in Norway & on Road 44

OCTOBER 4th, 2015 — French music festival crew in Normandy: Nordik Impakt

DECEMBER 4th 2015 — Amsterdam, Holland

I wanted to pay a tribute to this year. Sometimes it was hard, like being away from my boyfriend for almost 5 months or hiking for ten hours or leaving all the friends I made in Montreal and in Toronto. Though, it was totally worth it. I won’t trade it for the world. For everyone I met this year, I want to wish you the best for 2016 and I hope to see you again soon.

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